Land plot 2800 m² in Tsikhisdziri

The entire village is shrouded in tangerine and lemon trees, as well as a large amount of eucalyptus, which indicates the absence of insects. This is a very comfortable place both for living and for the hotel business.

The 2800 m² plot is located near the main road between Kobuleti and Batumi. Minibuses and taxis run regularly.

In the village itself (located just above the site) there is everything you need for a comfortable stay: a shop, a clinic, a kindergarten and a school.

The main attraction of the Petra fortress is the second largest and most important fortress in Adjara after the fortress in Gonio. And almost the same magnificent view opens from it as from another famous citadel - Khikhani. If you stand on the highest point of the territory of the Petra fortress on the ruins of one of the wide ancient walls and look at the sea, then on the right hand in the distance you will see the city of Kobuleti and the light coastline, and on the left on the horizon you will see the outlines of Batumi with characteristic recognizable silhouettes of buildings.

Land size: 2800
From the sea: 150 m
Land value: $ 378,000
Construction project: No
Building permit: Up to 10 floors
Land status: Non-agricultural
Communications: Yes
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