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Land for business

For the construction of a hotel, factory or plant and also for agricultural needs.

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We answer your questions
  • Mark
    Maria, tell us about the pre-sale inspection of the Land Plots? Who should apply and where? How long does it take? And how much does such a procedure cost?
  • Mari Bedinadze-Abashidze
    Real Estate Lawyer
    In Georgia, there is a single register to which qualified lawyers have access. It contains all the detailed information about land plots and any other objects (apartments, houses, commercial real estate, and so on). In order to check the purity of the transaction, I just need to enter the cadastral code in the Register. Therefore, it is always necessary to contact a specialist. This verification procedure takes a few minutes. As for the cost of the service, it is free for our Investors!
Development of the business plan, design project and construction of the object, legal registration and management.
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