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4 But first, we will introduce you to Georgia.
Next 4 day we will send you the letter, in which we will tell you about the tourist attractiveness of the country, what is the economic growth and investment potential, as well as reveal the legal aspects.

Tourist attraction of Georgia
The subtropical mild climate of Georgia attracts tourists both in summer and in winter. Landscape from sea to snowy mountains. For more than 10 years, world brands have their hotels here. And the growth of tourism annually adds 20%. Find out about all the places that Georgia offers to tourists.
I will show you Georgia in terms of tourist attraction from climate to attractions. I will show the economic attractiveness. And you can also ask me questions.

Roman Lashkhia
Hotel Business Expert-Representative – Sales Manager

Modern architecture and infrastructure of Georgia
For the past ten years, architects around the world have been tracking the new architectural transformations of Georgia, which was built with the help of government. Many architects manage to implement their projects, let's take a look at them.

Nadezhda Zakhareva
Project Manager-Representative-Chief - Sales Manager

Where you can invest in Georgia
Investment in rental apartments is in high demand. It is also popular to buy land for the construction of small hotels on the coastline or in mountainous areas. Farming is not worth skipping, the climate even allows wine to be made.
Let's walk through real investment objects, consider their cost and economic indicators. You can order a video tour of the area you are interested in and we will walk there with you in a video chat.

Nadezhda Zakhareva
Project Manager-Representative-Chief - Sales Manager

Legal issues in Georgia
In Georgia, you can buy real estate even remotely, there is no property tax, and there is no value added tax. The government promotes the development of tourism infrastructure and supports business in this direction.
How to legally do business, register land and buy real estate in Georgia. I will tell you about everything and answer your questions.

Mari Bedinadze-Abashidze
Real Estate Lawyer

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