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Where you can invest in Georgia

Let's walk through real investment objects, consider their cost and economic indicators. You can order a video tour of the area you are interested in and we will walk there with you in a video chat.

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Georgia is very well located and has easy access to most of the major markets of Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Today Georgia has strong investment prospects - it has a stable and growing economy, thriving cities and competitive business costs.

That is why we offer three main options for investment in Georgia:
  1. Through modern apartments for rent or a comfortable stay in the city;
  2. Through land plots for the construction of a Hotel / Guest House;
  3. Through the purchase of a villa / cottage for a comfortable stay and privacy with the family.
Nowadays a lot of objects of the middle and premium class are being built. For example, in Batumi, a whole separate district has been built with new buildings for every taste. Georgia has its own peculiarities.

Many residential complexes have a full range for comfortable living and renting. For example, many new buildings have their own reception at the entrance, which resembles those that we see in classic hotels. You can rent an apartment, either independently or with the help of the management company of a residential complex, which is very convenient if you buy an apartment for the purpose of investment and obtaining a regular income.

In many facilities, part of the building is given as a hotel in the classical sense. Which can be very interesting for people who come to rest. If you are the owner of an apartment, then for a fee you have access to the entire infrastructure of the hotel, including SPA, swimming pool, restaurant, kids club, room cleaning and others.
When you buy an apartment, you have several options. In a black frame, in a white frame and fully finished with furniture. A black frame is when communications are connected to the room, wiring is done, and there is no rough finish. A white frame is when a rough repair is made in the apartment, the walls are aligned for painting or wallpaper. The floor is prepared for laying the floor covering.

Full finishing with furniture, this is when, with the help of partners, the developer makes repairs on his own, according to the design project agreed with you. More often, developers already have standard options for interiors with selected furniture and repairs for different budgets.
Let's walk through such an object together, consider its cost and economic indicators.

So, let's begin!
Batumi Riviera Residential Complex


The first in the line of premium class apartments, we would like to note the Batumi Riviera Residential Complex — a multifunctional project in which, in addition to apartments, a hotel will be located. One of the features of the new building will be the availability of an exploited roof with a swimming pool, cafes and recreation areas.


Construction is being carried out in one of the best districts of Batumi, next to New Boulevard. From here, only 300 meters to the beach, and the green area of ​​the park is literally a couple of minutes walk.

What's next

In the immediate vicinity there is a large number of hotels and apart-hotels, cafes and restaurants. Within walking distance is the Metro City shopping center, on the territory of which there are many shops and boutiques, entertainment venues, a supermarket and a casino.

Features of the project

Batumi Riviera Residential Complex is a 15-storey building with stylish design and elegant architecture. Three high-speed modern elevators equipped with backup power supplies will help you quickly get to the desired floor.

Near the house there is a fairly spacious courtyard with a playground, garden, sports corner. The building provides for underground parking, on the territory of which there will be a charging station for electric vehicles.


Living quarters in the house are located from the 2nd to the 12th floor. 22 apartments are planned on each floor. Buyers are offered a choice of 12 different layout options for apartments, presented in studio format, as well as with one or two separate bedrooms. The area of ​​the premises is from 39 to 93 m², the ceiling height is 2.9 meters. Each apartment has a large balcony, which will become additional space for outdoor recreation. The cost per square meter varies depending on the floor where the apartment is located.

Design bureau VALCUCINE from Spain has developed several options for ready-made interior solutions specially for this project. They can be made in different colors, which will avoid the same type and make each apartment individual.


The Batumi Riviera project is being implemented by Hochbau Development. Buyers of apartments have access to an internal interest-free installment plan with an initial payment of 30% for up to 24 months. If you pay 100% of the cost of the apartment, you can get a 7-10% discount. Also, the developer is ready to assist in obtaining a mortgage loan for up to 10-15 years.
Quality control of construction and materials at all stages of construction will be carried out by the largest Swiss audit company SGS.

SGS is a world leader in inspection, examination, testing and certification services. Today the company is recognized as the world standard for quality and professional ethics.

The building is carried out jointly with Anagi. The largest construction company in Georgia. Founded in 1989, it soon became the leader of the country's construction sector. Anagi's core business is civil engineering and its activities cover the full spectrum of this industry. The company is staffed with highly qualified engineering personnel, which has made it possible to successfully implement more than 150 projects to date.
Catalog: Apartments
Where should the property be located?
Investment amount
Construction phase
Investments in hotels of world brands. Objects from the stage of construction to full readiness.
Polo Villas Greenfield

Villas and townhouses

This residential complex Polo Villas Greenfield offers a new format that is well known in Europe but completely new for Georgia: townhouses with their own land plot.
Now in Batumi, the construction of villas and townhouses is gaining popularity. Most often they are built in the suburbs. But their location does not interfere with getting to the city center quickly using all its infrastructure.

Villas, like the apartments, have three purchase options, a black frame, a white frame and a full finish with furniture, which we wrote above.

Many villas or townhouses use better materials than apartments. Therefore, the price per square meter is higher than in an apartment. Villas can be rented out in the same way as apartments with the help of a management company and receive a regular income. The price per m² here starts at $ 650 for a black frame.

Polo Villas Greenfield

We would like to tell you about such an object.
Polo Villas Greenfield is the 4th project from Polo Construction, a leading international low-rise construction company in Batumi — the premium residential complex Polo Villas Greenfield.

In total, there are 16 ideal houses - townhouses on the territory of the Polo Villas Greenfield complex.


Good transport links, proximity to all infrastructure and low population density differ this area from Batumi. Beach, hypermarket, restaurants, cafes, casinos, parks are all within 5-10 minutes drive from the house.

Take a short trip and in 30 minutes you will swim in a mountain river, storm mountains, rise above the clouds. Or they wanted to unwind and after 20 minutes found themselves in another country — Turkey.


The land plot is adjacent to the house, completely fenced and inaccessible to others. You can use the land as you with: grow trees, flowers, vineyard. Set up a pool, workout or play area, or create a barbecue area.

All houses are supplied with gas, electricity, internet. The facades of the building are ventilated, with hydro and wind protection. That will save up to 40% on heating and air conditioning.


The Polo Villas quarter has the necessary infrastructure for life and recreation all year round: guest bicycles, an equipped playground, a shop, a cafe-pizzeria and a wine cellar, car rental, a tourist center, as well as a reception for receiving guests. The complex will have its own cleaning, maintenance, video surveillance and security service.

For the owners of townhouses and their guests, special privileges are provided: transfer to / from the airport at any time of the day; shuttle to the sea and to the hypermarket at any time of the day, use of guest bicycles. Within a 2-4 minute drive from the complex there are a casino, a water park, a hypermarket, a park "new boulevard", a bike path, a lot of restaurants, a cinema and much more.


The most modern materials are used in the construction of townhouses:
  1. Windows (Rehau, Veka, Germany), thickness of insulating glass profiles - 75 mm;
  2. Window systems and fittings (Maco, Austria);
  3. Porcelain stoneware (Belmar, Spain);
  4. Gas silicate blocks (Yutong);
  5. Reinforced entrance doors (Gardesa, Italy);
  6. Fiber cement facade panels (Equitone, Germany)
  7. Mineral wool insulation (Rockwool, Denmark)
  8. Breathable membrane (Dupont Tyvek Solid, Luxembourg)
  9. Waterproofing (Basf-Master Builders, Germany)
Catalog: Villas and townhouses
Where should the property be located?
Investment amount
Construction phase
Small hotels and houses for investment. Objects from the planning stage to full construction. Residential and commercial real estate.
England Vaio Hotel Kakheti


Next, we will tell you about investments in land plots.
Next, we will tell you about investments in land plots. There are still many land plots in Georgia that may be of interest to investors. There is one important point here, this is the status of the site. It can be agricultural or non-agricultural. It can be changed, if the investor wishes, but this will take more time.

Another important factor is the existence of a project for the site and a building permit. Many lands that are now for sale have a project agreed with the local authorities, it can be changed at your request, but this will take additional time.

You can purchase a land plot in close proximity to the sea, build a mini-hotel or a guest house there and make a profit. We will help you find a suitable object, develop its project, and calculate the estimated profit and help with its construction with our partners.

We offer investment in agriculture. To do this, the site must have a agricultural status. It is very sunny in Georgia and there are many fertile places, so it is very easy and profitable to grow many crops here.

Also, thanks to the active support of the state in the high mountainous regions, it will be interesting to purchase a plot in this place. According to the legislation of Georgia, business support is provided in the high mountainous regions. The hotel business in this area is exempt from paying taxes for 10 years. There are many tourists routes in the mountains. And if you build a good hotel in the vicinity of tourist places, you can make a profit.

Catalog: Land

Where should the property be located?
Investment amount
For the construction of a hotel, factory or plant and also for agricultural needs.

England Vaio Hotel Kakheti

Below we will tell you in more detail about one of these sites.

Status of the land

For true gourmets and wine connoisseurs, we have prepared a wonderful object - a land plot with a hotel-restaurant project and a mineral water source. This unique facility is located in the ecologically clean mountainous area of ​​Keda in the Adjara region. This area is famous for its climate and is popular not only among locals, but also among tourists. One of the main tourist routes of mountainous Adjara comes through this facility. The plot has non-agricultural status, the area of ​​the plot for the construction of the project is 3027 m².


  • 0 floor - wine cellar;
  • 1st floor - restaurant;
  • 2-3 floors conference hall and hotel rooms.

Hotel with 25 rooms. It is possible to add 10 rooms.
The cost of the project includes 4 hectares of agricultural land, on which vineyards of Saperavi and Rkatsiteli varieties are located. Harvesting in season - about 35 tons.

Construction phase

At this stage, 4 floors have been built (black frame). The territory is well-maintained, communications are brought to the site. The facility is located on the Batumi-Akhaltsikhe highway, near the Adjaristskali river, in the tourist area of ​​the Keda region.

The area is characterized by a good climate, the object is surrounded by the chestnut and acacia forests. There are old castles and churches in the vicinity of the property, which is attractive for tourists.


In addition to the main land, the project has the ability to connect additional land, which is directly adjacent to the terrain, which will expand the scale of the project through additional buildings.

The area has balneological properties, so the hotel will have a therapeutic and recreational purpose - hot mineral pools, sauna, SPA. This area is known for different grape varieties for winemaking - Chkhaveri, Tsolokauri and Rkatsiteli.

Mineral waters

Georgia is famous for its mineral water resources; it has more than 730 types of mineral waters. This area has mineral water, the daily production of which can be up to 130 tons. The investor has the opportunity to build a plant for the production of mineral water, all permits are available. The water quality is at a high level, confirmed by the expert opinion.


The total cost of building the plant will be $ 175,000:
  • equipment costs - $ 75,000;
  • construction and labor costs - $ 100,000.

You can order a video tour of the area you are interested in and we will be happy to show you any of the selected objects online together!
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